March Inn

Why"March Inn?" March Inn was the name of that magic place where I spent my summers growing up. I have alluded to this place before, and I probably will again. March Inn is no longer standing. The waters of Katrina rendered it unlivable so my children will never know that "March Inn." That makes me sad. In fact it brings me to tears whenever I think about it. I want my children to have their own "March Inn," and I want to capture our lives as they are growing and changing. I invite you to "march inn" to our lives. My hope is that you will catch glimpses of the real world. You will see our creations. You will see our chaos. You will see our affection. You will also see our frustrations, fears, and disappointments. Enjoy your march!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Microwave, No Problem

Did you know we don't have a microwave?  Some of you probably couldn't care less.  Others of you think we are crazy and wonder how we survive in a kitchen without a microwave.

In designing our kitchen, we created a spot for one.  It is behind closed doors and has a plug.  We've been in our house just over a year and that spot has yet to be filled with a microwave.  Don't get me wrong.  It is full ~ full of plastic containers and matching tops amid other sundry items.

So, to those of you who think we are do we survive?

But for my 3 1/2 year stint in Nashville for college, I've never really used a microwave.  On occasion I used it to heat water or melt butter, but otherwise it was just a box that sat on my counter and took up space while collecting dust.  I've realized that I can do the things I occasionally used it for quickly and easily on my stove top or in my oven.  Same with heating up leftovers.

Now for the issue of popcorn.  For whatever reason, I've never been a huge fan of microwave popcorn.  Maybe it's the smell.  Maybe it seems like it always burns.  Maybe it is the grease.  Who knows why, but I typically steer clear of popcorn.

But then we had a birthday party.  A movie night themed birthday party for Mary Frances.  Well what's a movie night without popcorn.  So I went to the Piggly Wiggly and bought a bag of popcorn kernels.  Then I read the directions on the bag.  It's easy!

Now I can do it without reading the directions, and it makes for a fun afternoon snack for my kiddos. 

Here's what you do:

Place a small amount of your choice of oil on the bottom of a large pot.

Put one kernel of popcorn in that oil.

Turn stove top on and cover.

Wait.  Listen for that kernel to pop.

Add kernels to pot to cover bottom.
Wait.  Listen for popping.  When popping sound becomes sparse and then stops your popcorn will be ready.
Season according to your tastes.


Then if you have any left over ~ package it in small containers and let the children take it for school snack the next day or add nuts and dried fruit to make popcorn trail mix.

Easy Breezy!

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