March Inn

Why"March Inn?" March Inn was the name of that magic place where I spent my summers growing up. I have alluded to this place before, and I probably will again. March Inn is no longer standing. The waters of Katrina rendered it unlivable so my children will never know that "March Inn." That makes me sad. In fact it brings me to tears whenever I think about it. I want my children to have their own "March Inn," and I want to capture our lives as they are growing and changing. I invite you to "march inn" to our lives. My hope is that you will catch glimpses of the real world. You will see our creations. You will see our chaos. You will see our affection. You will also see our frustrations, fears, and disappointments. Enjoy your march!

Friday, September 11, 2009

One Month Ago

I've decided I am not very good at this, but I am willing to keep trying. I can think in blog posts all day and sometimes I even have some really good stuff to share, but the reality of getting to the computer, uploading pictures, and typing a post just doesn't happen. It doesn't help that our computer is slow as molasses, and I am always taxing it to the limits with e-mail, multiple websites, PowerPoint, word, etc all open at the same time.

A lot has happened in the past month...
- I've actually accomplished some sewing and monogramming
- School started
Mary Frances is going to school four days this year and Stephen two. I'm keeping Walker home with me for another year. I'm looking forward to some one on one time with my littlest man. It is hard for me to believe that MFS will begin kindergarten in less than one year. I intend to cherish our Mondays together. We will go to the library for Stephen's storytime every other week, and do something else fun on the other Mondays.

- Celebrated my birthday with family and a delicious meal. I am no Frank Stitt but I do know my way around the kitchen. Included on the menu was a rendition of Frank Stitt's Eggplant Gratin. It received rave reviews from many a food critic around my table and satisfied the most discriminate of palates including my children.
- Presented two presentations for teachers at a preschool and day care center and have a new speech evaluation scheduled.

- Completed my first applique order - 7 raggy burp cloths.
- Attended multiple meetings for preschool, Junior League, church etc. Helped with the inaugural attempt at afternoon carpool at my children's school. No pictures to represent my volunteer endeavors. Like promised, I will try not dwell on those commitments.
- Delivered my mother 'n laws surprise birthday gift. The pictures I intended to post are on my camera at her house. Maybe later...
Okay, enough about life in our house. That's the big stuff! I am going to try to be better about posting, but for now I am off to work on some fall clothes for my precious little ones and take a shower for a surprise date with my husband.

Fall is in the air - the temperature is dropping, football is airing, mums and gourds are appearing. I'm dreaming up some tasty fall menus. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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