March Inn

Why"March Inn?" March Inn was the name of that magic place where I spent my summers growing up. I have alluded to this place before, and I probably will again. March Inn is no longer standing. The waters of Katrina rendered it unlivable so my children will never know that "March Inn." That makes me sad. In fact it brings me to tears whenever I think about it. I want my children to have their own "March Inn," and I want to capture our lives as they are growing and changing. I invite you to "march inn" to our lives. My hope is that you will catch glimpses of the real world. You will see our creations. You will see our chaos. You will see our affection. You will also see our frustrations, fears, and disappointments. Enjoy your march!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Color My World

Do you remember this? Well it's that time of year again! Crayons have gone up on mailboxes all over our neighborhood. And again, there is a crayon on our mailbox.
This time it is for my sweet Stephen.
He was excited, but not as excited as Mary Frances. I'm not sure if it is that he is a boy, the second child, or just being shy about being in the spotlight, but he was a little reticent about the whole thing. It probably didn't help that Frank and I were away when they crayon appeared ~ more on that another time.
In fact, from what I've heard I think Mary Frances was more excited about Stephen's crayon than he was. As you know, she has been walking home from school by herself. She told me that she saw a crayon on a mailbox as she was walking, and literally ran {her words} the rest of the way home so she could see Stephen's. They really do love each other so much.
To tell you the truth, I think Stephen has been more excited about the hat and shirt that he is wearing in the pictures than he was about his crayon.

These crayons always have such an impact on me. They bring tears to my eyes ~ always! Yes, that means even when I don't have a crayon on my mailbox. I think it is because they represent change and change can be scary.

It is hard to believe I have another child starting elementary school.
I love the tradition of putting the crayons on mailboxes. It is fun! It is happy! It is colorful!

My children certainly make my world a more colorful world.


  1. Stephen looks so big!! They are going to love being back at school together next year!