March Inn

Why"March Inn?" March Inn was the name of that magic place where I spent my summers growing up. I have alluded to this place before, and I probably will again. March Inn is no longer standing. The waters of Katrina rendered it unlivable so my children will never know that "March Inn." That makes me sad. In fact it brings me to tears whenever I think about it. I want my children to have their own "March Inn," and I want to capture our lives as they are growing and changing. I invite you to "march inn" to our lives. My hope is that you will catch glimpses of the real world. You will see our creations. You will see our chaos. You will see our affection. You will also see our frustrations, fears, and disappointments. Enjoy your march!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Feast

While many of us are planning our own Thanksgiving Feast, my children and their teachers planned one for us.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Thanksgiving Feast at St. Luke's Day School.  In fact, I had the privilege of doing this twice. 

First, I sat with Betsy while she ate.  It was a joy to have just my baby girl without the distraction of her siblings or the chaos of our house.  She ate a delicious feast of protein and carbs - a roll, ham, turkey, mac 'n cheese, dressing, and sweet potatoes followed by a piece of pound cake.  You know what - I'm not complaining.  At home, I think she would have balked at everything except the meat and dessert.  She happily tried and asked for more of each of the other dishes.  It always helps to have mama feed you!
And then, Frank met me at the school to join Walker for his final feast at St. Luke's. 

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